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void nlmsg_free ( struct nl_msg *  n  ) 

Free a netlink message

  • n netlink message
Destroys a netlink message and frees up all used memory.

The message must be unused.

Definition at line 656 of file msg.c.

Referenced by flnl_lookup(), flnl_lookup_build_request(), nfnlmsg_alloc_simple(), nl_msg_dump(), nl_send_simple(), nlmsg_convert(), rtnl_addr_add(), rtnl_addr_delete(), rtnl_class_add(), rtnl_cls_add(), rtnl_cls_change(), rtnl_cls_delete(), rtnl_link_build_change_request(), rtnl_link_change(), rtnl_neigh_add(), rtnl_neigh_change(), rtnl_neigh_delete(), rtnl_neightbl_build_change_request(), rtnl_neightbl_change(), rtnl_qdisc_add(), rtnl_qdisc_change(), rtnl_qdisc_delete(), rtnl_rule_add(), and rtnl_rule_delete().

      if (!n)

      NL_DBG(2, "msg %p: Freed\n", n);

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