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 * netlink-types.h      Netlink Types (Private)
 *          This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 *          modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
 *          as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version
 *          2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
 * Copyright (c) 2003-2005 Thomas Graf <tgraf@suug.ch>


#include <netlink/list.h>
#include <netlink/route/link.h>
#include <netlink/route/qdisc.h>
#include <netlink/route/rtnl.h>

struct nl_cache_ops;


struct nl_handle;
struct nl_object;

struct nl_cb
      nl_recvmsg_msg_cb_t     cb_set[NL_CB_TYPE_MAX+1];
      void *                  cb_args[NL_CB_TYPE_MAX+1];
      nl_recvmsg_err_cb_t     cb_err;
      void *                  cb_err_arg;

      /** May be used to replace nl_recvmsgs with your own implementation
       * in all internal calls to nl_recvmsgs. */
      int               (*cb_recvmsgs_ow)(struct nl_handle *,
                                      struct nl_cb *);

      /** Overwrite internal calls to nl_recv, must return the number of
       * octets read and allocate a buffer for the received data. */
      int               (*cb_recv_ow)(struct nl_handle *,
                                    struct sockaddr_nl *,
                                    unsigned char **);

      /** Overwrites internal calls to nl_send, must send the netlink
       * message. */
      int               (*cb_send_ow)(struct nl_handle *,
                                    struct nl_msg *);

struct nl_handle
      struct sockaddr_nl      h_local;
      struct sockaddr_nl      h_peer;
      int               h_fd;
      int               h_proto;
      unsigned int            h_seq_next;
      unsigned int            h_seq_expect;
      int               h_flags;
      struct nl_cb *          h_cb;

struct nl_cache
      struct nl_list_head     c_items;
      int               c_nitems;
      int                     c_iarg1;
      int                     c_iarg2;
      struct nl_cache_ops *   c_ops;

struct nl_parser_param;

struct nl_msgtype
      int               mt_id;
      char *                  mt_name;

struct nl_cache_ops
      char  *                 co_name;
      size_t                  co_size;
      int               co_hdrsize;
      int               co_protocol;
       * Called whenever an update of the cache is required. Must send
       * a request message to the kernel requesting a complete dump.
      int   (*co_request_update)(struct nl_cache *, struct nl_handle *);

       * Called whenever a object in the cache gets destroyed, must
       * free the type specific memory allocations
      void  (*co_free_data)(struct nl_object *);

       * Called whenever a message was received that needs to be parsed.
       * Must parse the message and call the paser callback function
       * (nl_parser_param) provided via the argument.
      int   (*co_msg_parser)(struct sockaddr_nl *, struct nlmsghdr *, void *);

       * Called whenever a dump of a cache object is requested. Must
       * dump the specified object to the specified file descriptor
      int   (*co_dump[NL_DUMP_MAX+1])(struct nl_object *,
                              struct nl_dump_params *);

       * Must compare the two specified objects and return a non-zero
       * value if they match.
      int   (*co_filter)(struct nl_object *, struct nl_object *);

      struct nl_cache_ops *co_next;
      struct nl_cache *co_major_cache;
      struct nl_msgtype co_msgtypes[];

#define NLHDR_COMMON                      \
      int               ce_refcnt;  \
      struct nl_cache_ops *   ce_ops;           \
      struct nl_cache * ce_cache;   \
      struct nl_list_head     ce_list;    \
      int               ce_msgtype;

struct nl_object

struct nl_parser_param
      int             (*pp_cb)(struct nl_object *, struct nl_parser_param *);
      void *            pp_arg;

struct nl_data
      size_t                  d_size;
      void *                  d_data;

struct nl_addr
      int               a_family;
      unsigned int            a_maxsize;
      unsigned int            a_len;
      int               a_prefixlen;
      int               a_refcnt;
      unsigned char           a_addr[0];

struct nl_msg
      int               nm_protocol;
      struct sockaddr_nl      nm_src;
      struct sockaddr_nl      nm_dst;
      struct nlmsghdr * nm_nlh;

struct rtnl_link_map
      uint64_t lm_mem_start;
      uint64_t lm_mem_end;
      uint64_t lm_base_addr;
      uint16_t lm_irq;
      uint8_t  lm_dma;
      uint8_t  lm_port;

#define IFQDISCSIZ      32

struct rtnl_link

      char        l_name[IFNAMSIZ];

      uint32_t    l_family;
      uint32_t    l_arptype;
      uint32_t    l_index;
      uint32_t    l_flags;
      uint32_t    l_change;
      uint32_t    l_mtu;
      uint32_t    l_link;
      uint32_t    l_txqlen;
      uint32_t    l_weight;
      uint32_t    l_master;
      struct nl_addr *l_addr; 
      struct nl_addr *l_bcast;
      char        l_qdisc[IFQDISCSIZ];
      struct rtnl_link_map l_map;
      uint64_t    l_stats[RTNL_LINK_STATS_MAX+1];
      uint32_t    l_mask;     
      uint32_t    l_flag_mask;

struct rtnl_ncacheinfo
      uint32_t nci_confirmed; /**< Time since neighbour validty was last confirmed */
      uint32_t nci_used;      /**< Time since neighbour entry was last ued */
      uint32_t nci_updated;   /**< Time since last update */
      uint32_t nci_refcnt;    /**< Reference counter */

struct rtnl_neigh
      uint32_t    n_family;
      uint32_t    n_ifindex;
      uint16_t    n_state;
      uint8_t           n_flags;
      uint8_t           n_type;     
      struct nl_addr *n_lladdr;
      struct nl_addr *n_dst;  
      uint32_t    n_probes;
      struct rtnl_ncacheinfo n_cacheinfo;
      uint32_t                n_mask;
      uint32_t                n_state_mask;
      uint32_t                n_flag_mask;

struct rtnl_addr_cacheinfo
      /* Preferred lifetime in seconds */
      uint32_t aci_prefered;

      /* Valid lifetime in seconds */
      uint32_t aci_valid;

      /* Timestamp of creation in 1/100s seince boottime */
      uint32_t aci_cstamp;

      /* Timestamp of last update in 1/100s since boottime */
      uint32_t aci_tstamp;

struct rtnl_addr

      uint8_t           a_family;
      uint8_t           a_prefixlen;
      uint8_t           a_flags;
      uint8_t           a_scope;
      uint32_t    a_ifindex;

      struct nl_addr *a_peer; 
      struct nl_addr *a_local;
      struct nl_addr *a_bcast;
      struct nl_addr *a_anycast;
      struct nl_addr *a_multicast;

      struct rtnl_addr_cacheinfo a_cacheinfo;
      char a_label[IFNAMSIZ];
      uint32_t a_mask;
      uint32_t a_flag_mask;

struct rtnl_nexthop
      uint8_t           rtnh_flags;
      uint8_t           rtnh_hops;
      /* 2 bytes spare */
      uint32_t    rtnh_ifindex;
      struct nl_addr *rtnh_gateway;
      uint32_t    rtnh_mask;

      struct rtnl_nexthop *rtnh_next;

struct rtnl_rtcacheinfo
      uint32_t    rtci_clntref;
      uint32_t    rtci_last_use;
      uint32_t    rtci_expires;
      uint32_t    rtci_error;
      uint32_t    rtci_used;
      uint32_t    rtci_id;
      uint32_t    rtci_ts;
      uint32_t    rtci_tsage;

struct rtnl_route

      uint8_t                 rt_family;
      uint8_t                 rt_dst_len;
      uint8_t                 rt_src_len;
      uint8_t                 rt_tos;
      uint8_t                 rt_table;
      uint8_t                 rt_protocol;
      uint8_t                 rt_scope;
      uint8_t                 rt_type;
      uint32_t          rt_flags;
      struct nl_addr *  rt_dst;
      struct nl_addr *  rt_src;
      char              rt_iif[IFNAMSIZ];
      uint32_t          rt_oif;
      struct nl_addr *  rt_gateway;
      uint32_t          rt_prio;
      uint32_t          rt_metrics[RTAX_MAX];
      uint32_t          rt_metrics_mask;
      struct nl_addr *  rt_pref_src;
      struct rtnl_nexthop *   rt_nexthops;
      realm_t                 rt_realms;
      struct rtnl_rtcacheinfo rt_cacheinfo;
      struct nl_data *  rt_protoinfo;
      uint32_t          rt_mp_algo;
      uint32_t          rt_flag_mask;
      uint32_t          rt_mask;

struct rtnl_rule

      uint64_t    r_fwmark;
      uint32_t    r_prio;
      uint32_t    r_realms;
      uint32_t    r_table;
      uint8_t           r_dsfield;
      uint8_t           r_type;
      uint8_t           r_family;
      uint8_t           r_src_len;
      uint8_t           r_dst_len;
      char        r_iif[IFNAMSIZ];
      struct nl_addr *r_src;
      struct nl_addr *r_dst;
      struct nl_addr *r_srcmap;

      uint32_t    r_mask;     

struct rtnl_neightbl_parms
       * Interface index of the device this parameter set is assigned
       * to or 0 for the default set.
      uint32_t          ntp_ifindex;

       * Number of references to this parameter set.
      uint32_t          ntp_refcnt;

       * Queue length for pending arp requests, i.e. the number of
       * packets which are accepted from other layers while the
       * neighbour address is still being resolved
      uint32_t          ntp_queue_len;

       * Number of requests to send to the user level ARP daemon.
       * Specify 0 to disable.
      uint32_t          ntp_app_probes;

       * Maximum number of retries for unicast solicitation.
      uint32_t          ntp_ucast_probes;

       * Maximum number of retries for multicast solicitation.
      uint32_t          ntp_mcast_probes;

       * Base value in milliseconds to ompute reachable time, see RFC2461.
      uint64_t          ntp_base_reachable_time;

       * Actual reachable time (read-only)
      uint64_t          ntp_reachable_time;     /* secs */

       * The time in milliseconds between retransmitted Neighbor
       * Solicitation messages.
      uint64_t          ntp_retrans_time;

       * Interval in milliseconds to check for stale neighbour
       * entries.
      uint64_t          ntp_gc_stale_time;      /* secs */

       * Delay in milliseconds for the first time probe if
       * the neighbour is reachable.
      uint64_t          ntp_probe_delay;  /* secs */

       * Maximum delay in milliseconds of an answer to a neighbour
       * solicitation message.
      uint64_t          ntp_anycast_delay;

       * Minimum age in milliseconds before a neighbour entry
       * may be replaced.
      uint64_t          ntp_locktime;

       * Delay in milliseconds before answering to an ARP request
       * for which a proxy ARP entry exists.
      uint64_t          ntp_proxy_delay;

       * Queue length for the delayed proxy arp requests.
      uint32_t          ntp_proxy_qlen;
       * Mask of available parameter attributes
      uint32_t          ntp_mask;

#define NTBLNAMSIZ      32

 * Neighbour table
 * @ingroup neightbl
00445 struct rtnl_neightbl

      char              nt_name[NTBLNAMSIZ];
      uint32_t          nt_family;
      uint32_t          nt_gc_thresh1;
      uint32_t          nt_gc_thresh2;
      uint32_t          nt_gc_thresh3;
      uint64_t          nt_gc_interval;
      struct ndt_config nt_config;
      struct rtnl_neightbl_parms nt_parms;
      struct ndt_stats  nt_stats;
      uint32_t                nt_mask;

struct rtnl_ratespec
      uint8_t                 rs_cell_log;
      uint16_t          rs_feature;
      uint16_t          rs_addend;
      uint16_t          rs_mpu;
      uint32_t          rs_rate;

struct rtnl_tstats
      struct {
            uint64_t            bytes;
            uint64_t            packets;
      } tcs_basic;

      struct {
            uint32_t            bps;
            uint32_t            pps;
      } tcs_rate_est;

      struct {
            uint32_t            qlen;
            uint32_t            backlog;
            uint32_t            drops;
            uint32_t            requeues;
            uint32_t            overlimits;
      } tcs_queue;

#define TCKINDSIZ 32

#define NL_TCA_GENERIC(pre)                     \
      NLHDR_COMMON                              \
      uint32_t          pre ##_family;          \
      uint32_t          pre ##_ifindex;         \
      uint32_t          pre ##_handle;          \
      uint32_t          pre ##_parent;          \
      uint32_t          pre ##_info;            \
      char              pre ##_kind[TCKINDSIZ]; \
      struct nl_data *  pre ##_opts;            \
      uint64_t          pre ##_stats[RTNL_TC_STATS_MAX+1]; \
      struct nl_data *  pre ##_xstats;          \
      void *                  pre ##_subdata;         \
      int               pre ##_mask

struct rtnl_tca

struct rtnl_qdisc
      struct rtnl_qdisc_ops   *q_ops;

struct rtnl_class
      struct rtnl_class_ops   *c_ops;

struct rtnl_cls
      uint32_t    c_prio;
      uint32_t    c_protocol;
      struct rtnl_cls_ops     *c_ops;

struct rtnl_u32
      uint32_t          cu_divisor;
      uint32_t          cu_hash;
      uint32_t          cu_classid;
      uint32_t          cu_link;
      struct nl_data *  cu_pcnt;
      struct nl_data *  cu_selector;
      struct nl_data *  cu_act;
      struct nl_data *  cu_police;
      char              cu_indev[IFNAMSIZ];
      int               cu_mask;

struct rtnl_dsmark_qdisc
      uint16_t    qdm_indices;
      uint16_t    qdm_default_index;
      uint32_t    qdm_set_tc_index;
      uint32_t    qdm_mask;

struct rtnl_dsmark_class
      uint8_t           cdm_bmask;
      uint8_t           cdm_value;
      uint32_t    cdm_mask;

struct rtnl_fifo
      uint32_t    qf_limit;
      uint32_t    qf_mask;

struct rtnl_prio
      uint32_t    qp_bands;
      uint8_t           qp_priomap[TC_PRIO_MAX+1];
      uint32_t    qp_mask;

struct rtnl_tbf
      uint32_t          qt_limit;
      uint32_t          qt_mpu;
      struct rtnl_ratespec    qt_rate;
      uint32_t          qt_rate_bucket;
      uint32_t          qt_rate_txtime;
      struct rtnl_ratespec    qt_peakrate;
      uint32_t          qt_peakrate_bucket;
      uint32_t          qt_peakrate_txtime;
      uint32_t          qt_mask;

struct rtnl_sfq
      uint32_t    qs_quantum;
      uint32_t    qs_perturb;
      uint32_t    qs_limit;
      uint32_t    qs_divisor;
      uint32_t    qs_flows;
      uint32_t    qs_mask;

struct rtnl_netem_corr
      uint32_t    nmc_delay;
      uint32_t    nmc_loss;
      uint32_t    nmc_duplicate;

struct rtnl_netem_reo
      uint32_t    nmro_probability;
      uint32_t    nmro_correlation;

struct rtnl_netem
      uint32_t          qnm_latency;
      uint32_t          qnm_limit;
      uint32_t          qnm_loss;
      uint32_t          qnm_gap;
      uint32_t          qnm_duplicate;
      uint32_t          qnm_jitter;
      uint32_t          qnm_mask;
      struct rtnl_netem_corr  qnm_corr;
      struct rtnl_netem_reo   qnm_ro;

struct rtnl_htb_qdisc
      uint32_t          qh_rate2quantum;
      uint32_t          qh_defcls;
      uint32_t          qh_mask;

struct rtnl_htb_class
      uint32_t          ch_prio;
      uint32_t          ch_mtu;
      struct rtnl_ratespec    ch_rate;
      struct rtnl_ratespec    ch_ceil;
      uint32_t          ch_rbuffer;
      uint32_t          ch_cbuffer;
      uint32_t          ch_mask;

struct rtnl_cbq
      struct tc_cbq_lssopt    cbq_lss;
      struct tc_ratespec      cbq_rate;
      struct tc_cbq_wrropt    cbq_wrr;
      struct tc_cbq_ovl       cbq_ovl;
      struct tc_cbq_fopt      cbq_fopt;
      struct tc_cbq_police    cbq_police;

struct rtnl_red
      uint32_t    qr_limit;
      uint32_t    qr_qth_min;
      uint32_t    qr_qth_max;
      uint8_t           qr_flags;
      uint8_t           qr_wlog;
      uint8_t           qr_plog;
      uint8_t           qr_scell_log;
      uint32_t    qr_mask;

struct flnl_request
      struct nl_addr *  lr_addr;
      uint32_t          lr_fwmark;
      uint8_t                 lr_tos;
      uint8_t                 lr_scope;
      uint8_t                 lr_table;
      uint32_t          lr_mask;
      int               lr_refcnt;

struct flnl_result

      struct flnl_request *   fr_req;
      uint8_t                 fr_table_id;
      uint8_t                 fr_prefixlen;
      uint8_t                 fr_nh_sel;
      uint8_t                 fr_type;
      uint8_t                 fr_scope;
      uint32_t          fr_error;


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