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TC statistics identifiers

RTNL_TC_PACKETS  Packets seen
RTNL_TC_BYTES  Bytes seen
RTNL_TC_RATE_BPS  Current bits/s (rate estimator)
RTNL_TC_RATE_PPS  Current packet/s (rate estimator)
RTNL_TC_QLEN  Queue length
RTNL_TC_BACKLOG  Backlog length
RTNL_TC_DROPS  Packets dropped
RTNL_TC_REQUEUES  Number of requeues
RTNL_TC_OVERLIMITS  Number of overlimits

Definition at line 23 of file tc.h.

      RTNL_TC_PACKETS,  /**< Packets seen */
      RTNL_TC_BYTES,          /**< Bytes seen */
      RTNL_TC_RATE_BPS, /**< Current bits/s (rate estimator) */
      RTNL_TC_RATE_PPS, /**< Current packet/s (rate estimator) */
      RTNL_TC_QLEN,           /**< Queue length */
      RTNL_TC_BACKLOG,  /**< Backlog length */
      RTNL_TC_DROPS,          /**< Packets dropped */
      RTNL_TC_REQUEUES, /**< Number of requeues */
      RTNL_TC_OVERLIMITS,     /**< Number of overlimits */

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