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struct nl_cache* rtnl_addr_alloc_cache ( struct nl_handle *  handle  )  [read]

Allocate address cache and fill in all configured addresses

  • handle Netlink handle.
Allocates a new address cache, initializes it properly and updates it to include all addresses currently configured in the kernel.

Free the memory after usage using nl_cache_destroy_and_free().
Newly allocated cache or NULL if an error occured.

Definition at line 536 of file addr.c.

References nl_cache_alloc_from_ops(), nl_cache_destroy_and_free(), and nl_cache_update().

      struct nl_cache *cache;
      cache = nl_cache_alloc_from_ops(&rtnl_addr_ops);
      if (!cache)
            return NULL;

      if (nl_cache_update(handle, cache) < 0) {
            return NULL;

      return cache;

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