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int nl_wait_for_ack ( struct nl_handle *  handle  ) 

Wait for ACK.

  • handle netlink handle
    The netlink socket must be in blocking state.
    Waits until an ACK is received for the latest not yet acknowledged netlink message.

Definition at line 911 of file nl.c.

References NL_CB_ACK, nl_cb_clone(), NL_CB_CUSTOM, nl_cb_destroy(), nl_cb_set(), nl_handle_get_cb(), and nl_recvmsgs().

Referenced by rtnl_addr_add(), rtnl_addr_delete(), rtnl_class_add(), rtnl_cls_add(), rtnl_cls_change(), rtnl_cls_delete(), rtnl_link_change(), rtnl_neigh_add(), rtnl_neigh_change(), rtnl_neigh_delete(), rtnl_neightbl_change(), rtnl_qdisc_add(), rtnl_qdisc_change(), rtnl_qdisc_delete(), rtnl_rule_add(), and rtnl_rule_delete().

      int err;
      struct nl_cb *cb = nl_cb_clone(nl_handle_get_cb(handle));

      nl_cb_set(cb, NL_CB_ACK, NL_CB_CUSTOM, ack_wait_handler, NULL);

      err = nl_recvmsgs(handle, cb);

      return err;

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