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struct rtnl_neightbl* rtnl_neightbl_get ( struct nl_cache *  cache,
const char *  name,
int  ifindex 
) [read]

Lookup neighbour table by name and optional interface index

  • cache neighbour table cache
  • name name of table
  • ifindex optional interface index
Looks up the neighbour table matching the specified name and optionally the specified ifindex to retrieve device specific parameter sets.

ptr to neighbour table inside the cache or NULL if no match was found.

Definition at line 452 of file neightbl.c.

References nl_object_get(), rtnl_neightbl::nt_name, and rtnl_neightbl::nt_parms.

      struct rtnl_neightbl *nt;

      if (cache->c_ops != &rtnl_neightbl_ops)
            return NULL;

      nl_list_for_each_entry(nt, &cache->c_items, ce_list) {
            if (!strcasecmp(nt->nt_name, name) &&
                ((!ifindex && !nt->nt_parms.ntp_ifindex) ||
                 (ifindex && ifindex == nt->nt_parms.ntp_ifindex))) {
                  nl_object_get((struct nl_object *) nt);
                  return nt;

      return NULL;

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