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struct nl_cache* rtnl_neigh_alloc_cache ( struct nl_handle *  handle  )  [read]

Build a neighbour cache including all neighbours currently configured in the kernel.

  • handle netlink handle
Allocates a new neighbour cache, initializes it properly and updates it to include all neighbours currently configured in the kernel.

The caller is responsible for destroying and freeing the cache after using it. (nl_cache_destroy_and_free())
The new cache or NULL if an error occured.

Definition at line 459 of file neigh.c.

References nl_cache_alloc_from_ops(), nl_cache_destroy_and_free(), and nl_cache_update().

      struct nl_cache *cache = nl_cache_alloc_from_ops(&rtnl_neigh_ops);

      if (cache == NULL)
            return NULL;

      if (nl_cache_update(handle, cache) < 0) {
            return NULL;

      NL_DBG(2, "Returning new cache %p\n", cache);

      return cache;

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