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struct nl_msg* nlmsg_build ( struct nlmsghdr hdr  )  [read]

Build a new netlink message

  • hdr Netlink message header template
Builds a new netlink message with a tailroom for the netlink message header. If hdr is not NULL it will be used as a template for the netlink message header, otherwise the header is left blank.

Newly allocated netlink message or NULL

Definition at line 373 of file msg.c.

Referenced by nl_send_simple(), and rtnl_neightbl_build_change_request().

      struct nl_msg *nm;

      nm = nlmsg_new();
      if (nm && hdr) {
            int size = nm->nm_nlh->nlmsg_len;
            memcpy(nm->nm_nlh, hdr, sizeof(*hdr));
            nm->nm_nlh->nlmsg_len = size;

      return nm;

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