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void rtnl_class_foreach_child ( struct rtnl_class *  class,
struct nl_cache *  cache,
void(*)(struct nl_object *, void *)  cb,
void *  arg 

Call a callback for each child class of a class

  • class the parent class
  • cache a class cache including all classes of the interface the specified class is attached to
  • cb callback function
  • arg argument to be passed to callback function

Definition at line 437 of file class.c.

References nl_cache_foreach_filter(), rtnl_class_alloc(), rtnl_class_put(), rtnl_class_set_ifindex(), rtnl_class_set_kind(), and rtnl_class_set_parent().

      struct rtnl_class *filter;
      filter = rtnl_class_alloc();
      if (!filter)

      rtnl_class_set_parent(filter, class->c_handle);
      rtnl_class_set_ifindex(filter, class->c_ifindex);
      rtnl_class_set_kind(filter, class->c_kind);

      nl_cache_foreach_filter(cache, (struct nl_object *) filter, cb, arg);

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