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void nl_cache_destroy_and_free ( struct nl_cache *  cache  ) 

Destroy and free a cache.

  • cache cache to destroy
Removes all elements of a cache and destroys the cache by freeing all internal memory allocations. Additionally the cache itself gets freed.

Use this function if you are working with allocated caches.

Definition at line 245 of file cache.c.

References nl_cache_destroy().

Referenced by rtnl_addr_alloc_cache(), rtnl_class_alloc_cache(), rtnl_cls_alloc_cache(), rtnl_link_alloc_cache(), rtnl_neigh_alloc_cache(), rtnl_neightbl_alloc_cache(), and rtnl_qdisc_alloc_cache().

      NL_DBG(1, "Destroying and freeing cache %p...\n", cache);

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